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The Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater is the world’s largest intact caldera (collapsed volcano). Over 30000 animals live within this enormous natural bowl, which is the most densely packed concentration of wildlife in Africa. Wildlife here offers some of the best game viewings in all the National Parks of Tanzania. It has a rich variety of birds and animals that make the area their home. Its varied habitats support between 30000 and 40000 animals a year.


In the crater, the Mandi and grog or swamps are areas of marshland, the legal forest is dominated by yellow barked acacia trees and in the center, and there is Lake Magadi, a soda lake, often visited by flocks of flamingos. The rainy season lasts from November through May, with the dry season running from June through October. June and July are the coldest months of the year. The rim of the crater is often shrouded in dense cloud.

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